‘First aid’

eerste hulp bij ongelukkenEver been in a situation that you are working on your site and suddenly run into something? And that you do not know how to solve this problem. Or you want to create something, but you do not know what the best approach is. Or suddenly something goes terribly wrong. For example that you cannot log in anymore. That sucks…

But do not worry! I can help you with that. Sometimes it is relatively easy and quick to solve, sometimes it is a bit more complex.

Let me know what your problem is. We can analyze together if I can help you over the phone or if it is better that we sit down together. Sometimes I can also write you a short instruction that helps you move forward. And that you can use in the future for the same kind of situations.

Often I can give you an indication of the time required so that you know in advance (approximately) what the costs are.