Why I apply WordPress as a basis for your website

The main reasons (benefits) are:

  • Wordpress is a very easy-to-use system.

    Both for the user and the web Builder. Everyone can learn how to work with it fairly quickly. To manage pages, news, portfolio, texts, pictures is really very easy.

  • WordPress is a fully-fledged CMS.

    Although WordPress has originally arisen as a typical blog system, it has developed into a fully-fledged CMS (Content Management System) that is in constant evolution.

  • WordPress is free of charge.

    It is true that the software (source code) of WordPress for is available free of charge for everyone. However, we would like to make a few comments about it.

  • Wordpress is search engine friendly.

    By using WordPress you make sure you that your website automatically ranks higher in the search engines. During the build-up we install an additional plugin which allows you to optimize your website even better for search engines.

  • With WordPress your website can go online fairly quickly.

    If you are prepared and have clear ideas about what you want (in terms of texts, pictures, and such), then only a couple of (working) days might be sufficient to create your website.

  • Wordpress is an open source CMS.

    Because of the very active community, the software improves day by day. Small disadvantage is that you must remain informed of changes constantly and that you have to incorporate necessary updates in your site.

Are there any disadvantages to WordPress?

  • Honestly, WordPress is not as ‘free’ as it seems.

    The software (source code) is available free of charge for everyone, but to build and maintain a WordPress website surely costs. View what costs do you need to consider.

  • To be able to build a WordPress website you need considerably more knowledge than to create a blog, the original purpose of WordPress.

    The choice of templates and plugins is very vast and it is hard for a ‘layman’ to judge whether the website is put together technically well.

  • Because of the number of updates of both WordPress and the plugins, you should certainly not underestimate the technical maintenance of a WordPress website.

    See also the information about the technical maintenance package WordPress up-to-date.