At present, more websites are being visited with mobile devices (smartphone and tablet approx. 55%) than with desktops (ca. 45%)!

Smartphones en tablets zijn dus niet meer weg te denken uit onze huidige samenleving. En daar zul je als bedrijf of organisatie rekening mee moeten houden als je een nieuwe website laat maken.

Uiteraard wil je je bezoekers altijd de best mogelijke beleving van jouw website bieden, ongeacht met welk apparaat zij je website bezoeken.

Om jou daarbij te ondersteunen, lever ik alle websites met een Responsive Webdesign!

What does Responsive Web design mean?

In short: one website that effortlessly and fluently adjusts to any size and any screen resolution, to support your customers most optimal views.

A responsive website definitely has its benefits both for you and your customer.

For you, because the development- and maintenance costs are lower than in multiple separate websites. There is only one website to be developed instead of various separated apps. And the management of the content is reduced to just one version.

For your visitors it is an advantage, because they always have an optimal user experience on your website, regardless of which type of device they use. As a result they will not be inclined to go and visit another site and they will take action more likely.

And that is what you want, right?

Because I find responsive web design very important, not only for nowadays but also for the future, I have deliberately chosen to offer only responsive templates!

My own website is a good example of responsive web design. Try to enlarge or reduce the size of the window of your internet browser or have a look at this website on a mobile device.

Please note!

Older browsers such as IE8 (and older) do not support responsive web design in which case the website will be represented as a web site with a fixed width.

People using these old browsers will see your website as they were used to in ‘the past’ and using a narrower screen they will eventually have to scroll from the left to the right.

responsive webdesign