A nice professional website or online store in just a couple of steps

een website in een paar stappenYou have just started your own company, or you have a small organization or association. In other words: you have a really tight budget. Or you have a somewhat bigger company or organization, and for some reason you cannot (or don’t want to!) spend too much on a website.

And yet you’d like to have a website! One that suits you and with which you can present yourself, your company or organization. Or you need a web store. One with which you can promote and sell your products. A website or online shop that you can manage on the basis of a CMS (Content Management System) that is not too complicated.

You can have all that within a blink of an eye.

I create websites and web shops based on WordPress themes. A responsive website or webshop that suits your house style and business objectives. And which, if desired, allows you to manage the content on your own.

Because of the way I work I am able to offer websites for competitive prices.