De Starterwebsite

A smart, professional website a bridge too far for you?

No not at all!

It is possible with 'The Starters Website'...
in a few steps...
also with a fairly small budget!

Know how?
Read on!

You have just started your own company, you have a small organization or association. In other words: you have a really tight budget.
Or you have a somewhat bigger company or organization, and for some reason you don’t want to spend too much on a website.

Get it fixed with The Starters Website!

This is how it works

Choose a design

Choose a design from all available WordPress themes and determine your requirements for the design of your site like colours and such.

Send me your input

Before I build your website I need to receive all your input: logo, fonts, colours, texts, images, etc.

I build your site

Your website is built, the structure is set and the first pages are being published.

Your website goes live

And then your smart new website is launched. We wish you lots of fun with your website and in managing it and keeping it updated!

Whether you go for Starter, Extra or Plus…

A professional WordPress website is already available from € 575 and a webshop from € 875.

A selection from my work